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Book 22: Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly Mysteries, Book #2)

Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly Mysteries, Book #2)
Fiction; mystery; series
295 pages
At the start of Harris's winning second supernatural caper to feature Harper Connelly (after 2005's Grave Sight), a skeptical anthropology professor, Clyde Nunley, tests Harper's gift of clairvoyance in a historic Memphis cemetery, where Harper correctly senses a fresh corpse in the wrong grave. Strangely, the body turns out to be a missing 12-year-old girl, Tabitha Morgenstern, whom Harper failed to locate in Nashville on a case two years earlier. The hotel suite of Harper and her manager and stepbrother, Tolliver Lang, both of whom fall under suspicion, becomes a magnet for a medley of amusing characters, including Memphis cops, Tabitha's assorted relatives and a drunken Clyde Nunley, who, shortly after accusing Harper of fraud, is found dead in the same grave as Tabitha. Peppered with the author's trademark deadpan wit, this book should help make Harper and Tolliver as popular as Sookie Stackhouse, the heroine of Harris's vampire mystery series.

I really liked this book. I felt that the storyline was better than Grave Sight. I have to admit that I think I like Tolliver more than Harper. She is just not a likable character, but I think that is why I like this series. Most of the time it seems like the main characters in a book series are really likable, so Harper is a unique character, in my opinion. I can't wait to read the other two books in the series, and I hope that Harris is writing more as we speak!

**Next Read: I just started reading Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris.
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