Allison (dreamlesssleep) wrote in booksnob,

Rec needed

So I need some help.

If you have a friend, and said friend likes to wallow in self-pity (I'll never find a girl, I'll never find a job, I'll never have money, etc. but I'll never take any action to change these things or make even the tiniest concession that would make any of these things not totally impossible!!!) what book would you recommend to inspire them?

And I don't mean self-help. Non-fiction is okay but not conventional self-help because like I said, he doesn't want to take any sort of action. So it's got to be the kind of thing you like to read when you're bummed out and when you finish you just want to go out and live life.

So now that I've delivered up that oh so simple request ;) any help appreciated! (apologies for any xposting)
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